Training Your Dog

At Topsailstar Pet Center, we strive to help you form a better bond and communicate more effectively with your dog. We teach you how to communicate with your dog so you can bring about the desired behaviours that allow your dog to be a happy and healthy canine member of your family.

Our Trainers:

Barry Reid

Travis Reid

Stop Unwanted Dog Behaviours from Happening

Our comprehensive training programs consist of two levels of obedience. Both levels are designed in such a way where you, the dog owner, will become the trainer! All of our training is based on rewarding the positive behaviour. You will be introduced to new commands and techniques each week which will build a stronger bond and promote a better relationship between you and your dog!

Dog Training with Star Treatment

Our courses are 8 weeks long, once a week, an hour a night. Class sizes are kept small and controlled, usually 8-10 dogs. There are 2 instructors to a class so that individual problems can be addressed and focused on. Classes at Topsailstar Pet Center are meant to be fun, challenging and rewarding for both dogs and their owners.

Basic Dog Obedience Training – Level 1

You will learn a combination of formal and informal obedience. There will be a heavy emphasis on a good and proper heel. Owners and their dogs will be introduced to formal obedience commands – sits, downs, stands, sit stays, down stays and stand stays, heeling, turns, recalls and heel finishes. Class will also cover informal commands such as – leave it, quiet and attention getting exercises. Commands are taught using both verbal and nonverbal cues. If owners are having individual issues with their dogs, these issues will also be dealt with at the owner’s request. Questions are always welcome.

Advanced Dog Obedience Training – Level 2

The same skills will be covered in this course as were done in Level 1; however, the emphasis is aimed toward getting a loose leash and eventually an off-leash heel. Skills will be worked from greater distances and around bigger distractions. The course is done at the owner/dog team’s own pace. Some teams progress faster than others in certain skills. It is a more challenging course, with half the course being taught outside.

Classes are currently held weekday evenings from 7:00pm – 8:00pm and 8:00pm – 9:00pm.

One-on-One Training Option Available

For some owners, formal group training is not an option. Maybe busy work schedules do not allow attending class or perhaps there is a problem with a certain behaviour that needs fixing before attempting a class. Topsailstar Pet Center can help you deal with these issues through a home one-on-one assessment.

Topsailstar Pet Center is a proud supporter of many organizations and causes, including:

  • Beagle Paws
  • Heavenly Creatures
  • The St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program

We are always looking for ways to integrate these organizations into our training opportunities and encourage our students to partake and support these organizations and their causes. For more information, or to register for a course, call Topsailstar Pet Center. We look forward to working with you and your canine companion.

Did You Know?

To get your puppy’s attention, put a few pennies in an empty soda can and shake. The noise will make him stop what he is doing. This can be a very good training tool.

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